What Makes A Message Smarter?

The Smarter Message for Better Business and Sales

When trying to reach, persuade and convert prospects and customers, many things can affect your success. Here are a few to think about for your next project.

(Share some of your own tried and true rules.)

  • Simple, straightforward organization
  • Substance, not volume
  • Getting to the point, fast
  • Customer-centric concepts and copy
  • A single message per topic
  • Easy-to-use site navigation
  • Frequent fresh content
  • Content that emphasizes value, not keywords
  • Smart use of keywords, site hierarchy and labels to attract search engines
  • A simple logo, a targeted tagline
  • Uncluttered layouts and sensible design
  • Layouts and design that support or enhance meaning rather than distract from it
  • Continuous, clear, open communication between client and service provider
  • People who listen thoughtfully before reacting or responding

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