The Smarter Message—Visual Consistency

A logo, a color palette, a collection of fonts—the basic elements of a business’s visual identity. Good design integrates and applies these elements in a consistent way across all media. Here’s the key to making sure that happens.     

Visual consistency means that all of your company communication adheres to guidelines established for the use of the logo, typography, imagery and color. The guidelines don’t need to be too restrictive or long and complicated. In fact, it’s better if they are simple and clear.

The most important point is that everyone creating messaging for the company understands and follows the guidelines. That includes graphic design firms, advertising agencies, and administrative assistants—an organization’s “face” is everyone’s responsibility.

The success of any marketing is increased when a business’s visual identity looks and sounds the same across all vehicles and channels. Whether it’s a flyer or a website, a strong, clear message is communicated.

A company’s visual identity supports and strengthens the company’s brand. The consistent application of that identity conveys a smarter message. It’s a winning combination.


Susan Brand owns Brand Design, a full-service graphic design firm specializing in identity and branding systems, web design and print collateral. Contact Susan at