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Anatomy of a Murder(ous Writing Routine)

If you’re writing and marketing for your company or clients, being productive day in and day out is never easy. But when you add all the daily distractions that are now typical, it’s downright ugly. Here are 5 essential productivity tips to help you get more done (and guarantee you meet your specific and serious goals over time). [Read more…]

Email Workshop: Smart Service Phrases That Build Trust

Shine a spotlight on how much you care for clients with every email you send. Check out this handy group of valuable service phrases that can strengthen rapport and relationships. [Read more…]

Email Workshop: 10 Things To Avoid When Writing Emails

Following on the Email Do lists I posted recently, here are 10 missteps to avoid if you want to feel confident that your emails are doing their job. [Read more…]

Email Workshop: “Do” Tip Sheet, Part 2

12 more smart email writing ideas for your toolbox. [Read more…]

Email Workshop: “Do” Tip Sheet, Part 1

Whether originating a business email or responding to one you’ve received, keep in mind that how you set up and compose your message can help or hurt your “go-to” status and relationship building efforts. Check out the 12 writing recommendations for service emails in this post. [Read more…]