Anatomy of a Murder(ous Writing Routine)

If you’re writing and marketing for your company or clients, being productive day in and day out is never easy. But when you add all the daily distractions that are now typical, it’s downright ugly. Here are 5 essential productivity tips to help you get more done (and guarantee you meet your specific and serious goals over time). [Read more…]

Social Media Or Cold Calls? Use Both To Reach And Engage

The Smarter Message for Better Business and SalesUpstaged lately by social media and other online tools, the prospecting phone call that makes an actual connection, introduces you and communicates value is just as important as ever. Make it part of your total sales and marketing toolkit. [Read more…]

Curb Your Enthusiasm (For Social Media Run Amok)!

The Smarter Message for Better Business and SalesDon’t get me wrong. As a marketing communications copywriter, content specialist and online enthusiast, I get the value of social media. But, the best value results from social media used in a smart, efficient way. [Read more…]