Social Media Insider—Facebook Vs. Twitter For Important Content

The Smarter Message for Better Business and SalesHave you seen the latest issue of SUCCESS Magazine? It shares some interesting stats compiled by about certain well-known social media sites. Great food for thought for where you might focus your marketing and networking energy.


Which Social Media Platform Is Right For You?

According to, Facebook users tend to click on—and read—more content than they share. Twitter users appear to share content more often than they probably read it.

Not only that, the data suggest that a Facebook post gets almost 9 times more clicks than a Tweet. (Whoa, there. The article points out that Facebook has more users.)

So, is it smarter to focus on the platform whose users actually read your offers and other high value content? I think that the answer depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. What is clear, however, is that it’s so important to make time to revisit or define your sales and business objectives, to understand the various tools that can help you reach them, and to create a plan that includes steps to help you use one or more of them effectively.


To Keep Your Message & Brand Out In Front, Keep Posting

One other thing. As you might have guessed if you use either Facebook or Twitter, your updates won’t be seen by many for long. And not just because they move down the feed naturally. Mashable reports that less than 20% of Facebook “Likes” are made after the first 24 hours that content is posted on Facebook. And, 92% of retweets and 97% of @ replies take place in the first hour of a Tweet’s lifetime. (A short but hopefully sweet Tweet!)

So keep those updates, follow-ups, responses (and fresh posts) coming!

Thank you, SUCCESS Magazine, for passing on these and other useful details that can help a business thrive. You, too,, for pulling it all together in the first place.


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