Baby Needs A New Set Of Sales Tools

The Smarter Message for Better Business and SalesIf you’re still on the fence about your company’s online presence, try looking at things from a different perspective. Recast your opportunities in terms of planning and executing for better sales. This can mean more income, more growth and better rewards for all.


Meet “Arlene”

She’s delightful, smart and fun. And she’s the primary salesperson at her company. I met her earlier this year at a social media workshop.

Despite her terrific attitude and initiative, Arlene was frustrated. Why? Because her company didn’t see the value of building its online presence. As a natural result, it hadn’t done anything about it. So, Arlene continued to lack the tools she believed could be a real asset to her selling efforts.


A company on the cusp

Arlene’s company isn’t alone. If you’re reading this and it sounds familiar, then you may recognize what Arlene was going through.

  • The website had been dangerously outdated for a long time—its message was off target and it didn’t function properly
  • The company blog focused on a company mascot, not on customers
  • And because no one in particular was responsibile for updating it, it rarely displayed fresh posts
  • The video channel ran only videos of finished work, instead of footage underscoring how the company could help customers succeed

So, Arlene’s primary sales tool remained cold calls!

I wrote a post about cold calls. Like many, I believe they still have a valid role to play in sales.

But what about all the other tools that today can make up a veritable arsenal for the sales-minded? Tools that can lay a foundation for in-bound marketing from pre-qualified leads?


Arlene and other employees pushed for change

No longer could they tolerate a self-imposed disadvantage in an arena filled with savvy, hungry competitors.

They needed to start powering sales with a carefully built and constantly reinforced online presence—used in conjunction with more traditional sales techniques.


The going was tough

The decision-makers had shied away from the new and unfamiliar. They’d fallen behind the curve. But now they had to get involved.


Start building a comprehensive online presence

Here are some things companies like Arlene’s might start with to change things up:

  1. A well thought out plan: needs, objectives, opportunities, tools and steps. Use your plan to guide your efforts and manage costs.
  3. Website: realign or develop a new one that gives you the means to establish your brand, change copy on mainstay pages periodically and upload fresh, high-quality content regularly.
  5. Blog: plan, schedule and write posts often. Provide value to your target audience.
  7. Alerts: use online tools to let your list know about new content published at your media hub (aka, your company website).
  9. Email marketing: formulate and execute a targeted campaign. Consider using an email service provider. One great reason: the ability to track an email’s events, including bounces, message openings, click throughs.
  11. Content: keep adding new and useful content to your hub. Distribute it to other sites where you also have real estate.
  13. Social: get useful introductions via the connections your employees may be building on sites like Linkedin. (Good reason to keep connecting with people you actually know.)
  15. Social: start building a reputation for excellence and expertise by contributing to discussions, forums, Q&As, reputable blogs, high quality article distributors.
  17. Social: develop and strengthen new and existing relationships by engaging with others (in ways that interest them).

The list goes on.


Don’t forget education and training!

Set aside the time. Stay on top of the changes happening online and in your industry. If you can’t do this, have someone on your team learn and share with others. Attend conferences, webinars, workshops. Join a meetup that focuses on topics that can help you. Subscribe to appropriate magazines.


The good news for Arlene

The long-awaited website redo has begun. She’s hopeful. She’s going to have another tool in her arsenal.

Other changes (i.e., new sales and marketing tools) will undoubtedly follow, as the company gets more comfortable with the idea of building its online presence. The opportunity is there. With time and effort, they can be found more readily, engage more effectively and sell more successfully.