Email Workshop: “Do” Tip Sheet, Part 2

12 more smart email writing ideas for your toolbox.


More . . . Emails Done Right!

If you haven’t yet read the first set of 12, you may want to start with those.

  1. Convey empathy and compassion for your customer’s or prospect’s situation when it’s called for. If s/he is frustrated, upset, confused or otherwise stymied by current circumstances, show that you understand the problem, appreciate what s/he is going through and will take care of things.
  3. When possible and appropriate, keep your messages short and to the point—but not to the exclusion of empathy.
  5. For more detailed messages, use some list form for clarity and reading ease (like bullet points or numbers).
  7. If your email signature includes graphics, consider an HTML signature rather than placing the graphic in your email program’s Signature pane. When you do the latter, you’re adding an attachment to every email you send (which the recipient’s server and the recipient have to download). Search on “HTML signature” for instructions. Or contact me for directions.
  9. Make email signatures consistent for everyone’s email, across your group, department or company. Lack of consistency can appear sloppy and unprofessional.
  11. Remember, it’s always all about them! Make sure your gracious, customer-centric attitude and ideas shine through your writing.
  13. Be kind, sincere, patient, respectful and helpful—even when your customer or prospect isn’t.
  15. Always carefully proof your email for proper meaning, grammar, style, punctuation before you click that send button!
  17. If you’ve made a mistake in a previous email or when doing your job for a customer, apologize. And really mean it.
  19. Give more than is expected.
  21. Keep in mind, it’s not just what you do for a customer or prospect. It’s also about how you make them feel. Your emails are a prime opportunity to make people feel great about themselves—and about you!
  23. Understand that smart, helpful, sincere emails get noticed (and bad ones get shared).

Next up—your power list of things to avoid when writing emails. Stay tuned!


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