Email Workshop: Smart Service Phrases That Build Trust

Shine a spotlight on how much you care for clients with every email you send. Check out this handy group of valuable service phrases that can strengthen rapport and relationships.


Establish and control mood, behavior and results

Here are some phrases that fit different service circumstances that you may find yourself in with clients. By the way, don’t use these phrases or others like them simply to placate a client or prospect. Be sure to do what you’re promising to do.

  • Let me take care of that for you, [name].
  • I’d be delighted to handle this for you, [name].
  • It’s my pleasure, [name].
  • Consider it done, [name].
  • I’m so glad you let me know about this.
  • [name], let me be sure I have everything I need.
  • [name], let me be sure I understand what you need.
  • I am going to make sure this matter gets resolved.
  • I don’t have the answer at my fingertips, but let me find out right now.
  • I don’t know, but I’ll have the answer for you by [hour].
  • I know it’s complicated, but I’m here to help.
  • I see . . . I understand . . . I completely understand
  • I’m so sorry this happened, [name].
  • I apologize for the mistake/my mistake, [name].
  • I can see it’s been a frustrating experience—rest assured that I will solve this for you.
  • Thank you for understanding.
  • Thank you for taking the time to _______.
  • Please let me know if I can provide any other help.
  • Yes, I can and I will!
  • Of course!
  • You’re very welcome!
  • Please contact me directly if I can do anything else for you—I’m here until ____.
  • I want to hear from you if you need additional assistance.
  • If you have any problem, the best/fastest way to get help is to _______.
  • Thank you very much. I’m so glad I could help.

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