Curb Your Enthusiasm (For Social Media Run Amok)!

The Smarter Message for Better Business and SalesDon’t get me wrong. As a marketing communications copywriter, content specialist and online enthusiast, I get the value of social media. But, the best value results from social media used in a smart, efficient way.


Focus on your business and keep social media in its place

How should you fit social media into your business? Honestly, that depends. Remember that social media marketing (or networking) is simply the latest tool to emerge that can help us reach out and engage potential new customers as well as existing customers.

(It can meet other needs as well, such as brand building, faster customer service, team building and more.)

How you use it will depend on your business needs plus the demands on your time, attention and other resources.


Some downsides to avoid:

  1. Spending too much time online pursuing things that have nothing to do with improving your business.
  2. Social contributions that focus more on you than on your customers and prospects.

Social media—the new crack

You’ve seen it. For some at work, social media goes from being a useful business-building tool to a time-guzzling addiction or senseless effort.

  Throughout the day, they’re logging on to social media sites way too often. They play games for hours. Or follow articles, news, discussions and more that don’t really relate to doing their job.

  They upload videos of their company projects, believing that, because it’s video, it’ll spark engagement.

  They wind up wasting their most important and irreplaceable asset—time—on distractions. And leave things that are essential to your business success swinging in the wind.


The smarter business plans ahead

When, where and how to be social. A pipeline of well-written, high value posts. Topics of use to visitors. A savvy editorial calendar. Content that appeals to and engages viewers.

Social media Dos and Don’ts

  • Get past the technology and to the value
  • Be personal and helpful
  • Put the focus on your customer or prospect
  • Reach out regularly
  • Engage your target audience with great service, high quality content, valuable answers, smart solutions
  • Learn the benefits of social media for business
  • Don’t expect miracles—keep at it and give it time

Your social media launchpad

  1. Enlist someone who’s social media-aware (if you’re not) to create a social media guide that explains benefits, defines features, assigns roles and plans out the steps you can take to make social media work for you.
  2. Distribute the guide to the employees involved and take those steps!
  3. Update your guide periodically (the social media landscape changes regularly).

The real focus is your business

Don’t let uninformed, undisciplined involvement in social media butt other valuable sales and marketing practices out of the picture. The costs can grow invisibly until you suddenly see the impact on your bottom line.

Among other things, that might lead you to throw out a potentially valuable business tool.

Be sure that your social media marketing is informed and disciplined. Make it work WITH your core competency goals as well as your other sales and marketing practices. Not against them.


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