Create A Tagline That Pre-Sells You

The Smarter Message for Better Business and SalesThere are many ways to reach out to prospects and customers. But no matter which tool you use, they all boil down to one thing—communicating smartly. Want a messaging workhorse that you can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Create (or redo) a tagline.

Your business name and tagline are a great way to introduce and reinforce your service and value to your target audience.

Both are essential parts of a smart pre-sell strategy. Different from the changing, consumable content that gives your business life online, these go with you everywhere and all the time!

A Tagline Is . . .

A key phrase that explains something about your business to anyone who sees it. It can build on the information conveyed by your business name.

I believe your tagline should put the focus on your target audience (because that’s where your focus should always be when it comes to communicating with potential or existing customers).

So whether you decide that your tagline should explain your mission, demonstrate your expertise, highlight your service, describe your product or other, it should always resonate for those you wish to reach and engage.

  Your tagline should help people feel that you’re a possible choice for the help they need

  Your tagline should reinforce your value after a sale or encounter

  Your tagline can come to represent benefits associated only with you

  A great rhythm, flow and voice can clarify and enhance your tagline’s meaning

  Taglines stay on duty even when you’re not

  Understand and respect the tagline development process

  Start your tagline development effort way in advance of your deadline

The Tagline Process

The tagline development process involves discovery, conceptual thinking, organization and creative time (sometimes a lot of it). Respect that process and the professionals who handle it for you. After all, the end result should be a highly visible and valuable member of your marketing team! Don’t shortchange your company by requesting results in a couple of hours—let the process take its course.

Behind all smart creative is purpose. Make sure your tagline has the right message, sound and feel. Let it pre-sell others on your potential before they meet you (and remind them of it long after they do).

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