Email Workshop: Benefits of Email for Business

Email—a top choice for business communicating even as it’s demeaned as dated, ignored by texters, left to languish by social media lovers. Sure, there are lots of options for sending messages today. But email has some terrific benefits for every business. Here are 8.


Benefits of Email for Business

  1. Email is likely to get you quality traffic
    Yes, it may seem dull compared to newer communications channels, but email continues to be more popular than social media.

    And not just for the older set. According to Website Magazine (May, 2013 issue), 66% of under-30s check email using their smartphones.

  3. Email has a strong conversion rate, by comparison
    Email’s conversion rate (at about 3%) is higher than social (.71%) and search (1.95%) combined, as noted by Website Magazine (September, 2013 issue).

  4. Email is a great direct mail option
    With an email address, just as with a name, street and suite address, you can contact someone directly with your targeted message.

    That message could be transactional/service-related. Or perhaps it’s marketing-related. It might be a friendly, person-to-person greeting.

    Whichever it is, done right, email can deliver your message right into the inbox of the person you need or want to reach.

  6. Email lets you write with abandon (if you need to or choose to)
    Sometimes, writing in full words and sentences—and more than a few of them—is best. With email, there’s no character limit. No need to cut words down to one letter.

    Nor is there pressure to keep it short due to the service you’re using (like texting).

  8. Email is trackable
    If you use an email marketing service provider (EMSP) like Emma or MailChimp for emails you send to groups of prospects or customers, you can track who opens your email and what they do once it’s opened.

    You can monitor whether someone clicks a link you included. You can know whether he or she forwarded your email (if they use a forwarding link you’ve included in your email). You’ll also learn whether someone on your list opts out of receiving any more emails from you.

    Anyone who uses or used direct mail in print form for marketing reasons will recognize the huge advantage this tracking offers.

  10. Email is an inexpensive driver of service and sales
    The ability to send and receive email can come with the cost of your website hosting (which can be a single-digit monthly fee these days). You can purchase a separate email package if you don’t have a site up for your domain (for instance, through your domain registrar). I maintained a 5$ per month email package to monitor email connected to a site and business I’d closed.

    There are free email options, as well—Google gmail, for instance. If you do use an email marketing service provider, the cost grows but there are attractive options depending on how much you send.

  12. Email is fast and efficient
    Open your email program or browse to any one of the sites that offer email services. Click the Compose button. Insert your recipient’s address. Type your message.

    Review for proper meaning and proof for any mistakes. Send! Check your Send folder to confirm departure.

  14. Email offers an easy-access record of communications
    As long as you keep what you send and receive, you’ll have a solid record of your business dealings done via email. Date, time, details. Lovely.

The smart money knows email can get the job done and done well. So if it’s your choice, keep using it. But use it smartly! That’s another topic for another post.